Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Altamonte Workshop

Thanks to fun and talented student, Joyce Shelton, I have a good photo of me teaching and  her blog post to link to about my most recent workshop!

Joyce took the class with her good friend and kids book illustrator Loreen Leedy who also blogged about her experience in preparing for my mini-class in Altamonte.

I thank both of these women for offering me some great TESTIMONIALS! Something I was lacking a link to before.

In the second photo, the group is hard at work with paper everywhere!
A good time was had by all.


  1. If I lived there, I would certainly take part in the workshop!

  2. Elizabeth, you have great energy and good stories so the time went by in a flash. People, y'all better take her workshop before she's too busy collaging to offer them any more!

  3. ... and a great skirt, Loreen... let's not forget that skirt! Seriously, it was a blast and I so enjoyed meeting you, Elizabeth! Looking forward to doing something together again real soon. Thanks for sharing the fun!


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