Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS Magazine

Spring 2010 Issue Available 2/23
The Studios edition of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine which features my very own backyard art space will hit the newsstands the end of February. I am so fortunate to have a 2-page spread in this issue! This magazine features some great storage solutions for a studio of any size or shape, you might like to pick it up for some ideas for your own art space.

I showed the table of contents page to my husband and was going crazy over that little gingerbread house looking studio at the bottom of the page! I just love the flower boxes...."honey, how about building me some flower boxes?"


  1. Congrats Elizabeth! I love all those magazines. I'll be heading to Books A Million as soon as it hits the stands!

  2. thanks Tara, I''m looking forward to reaching more people with this magazine feature!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    I'm looking forward to seeing you in this issue! My friend, Ellen Lindner, pointed me to your work and I am absolutely in love with all that you do. I'm a fabric artist myself and see much similarity in what you do with what we do in fabric. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Holly thanks! you are right, we do have a lot in common and I am in love with Ellen's work! it's really very similar of a process. Thanks for your compliment and for taking the time to make it!


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