Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art Studio Tours

Chris Tenenholtz of Red Hot Pottery, butterfly vase (top)

My recent weekend in Sedona, AZ afforded me the time to not only visit art galleries, but to take an art studio tour as well. A super enjoyable morning was spent taking an art studio tour with Tatia Flick of  Sedona Art Tours

Red Hot Pottery was my favorite stop on my three-studio tour. These great pieces can purchased online at Chris' Etsy Store. And you can learn more about her work here on her blog. It was a lot of fun watching Chris work on the pottery wheel, and asking her questions about her unique pottery with attached birds and butterflies, her marketing, blogging, and selling. I bought a fantastic yellow bowl from her, which made it home in one piece!

Another great stop was the home studio of Pamela Becker who combines creative writing with fantastic painting and illustration. Her work is really wonderful and her talent abounds, writing, illustration, painting, graphic design, you name it! A very talented artist and a wonderful hostess.

My third studio tour was with Victoria Norton who creates some super ceramics with the look and colors of Sedona itself. Victoria also made porcelain masks, vessels, did book binding and made jewelry, another super talented artist!

If you ever get the chance to take an artist studio tour in Sedona or any other city, it's really a nice way to meet working artists and share information and stories with them. Art galleries are great, but studio tours allow you to not only  meet the artist in person, but to see how and where they work. Victoria's ceramic studio was tiny compared to Chris', but they both manage to create some amazing work. Pamela's work flowed out of her studio and into the main room of her house and she even took me out in to the back yard to show me the press she uses to create her mono prints.

And Tatia, my tour guide was just fantastic, even stopped to let me shoot some reference photos for future Paper Paintings!

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