Friday, October 26, 2012

Cherie's Progress

With Love From Cherie

Cherie has wanted to create this video for quite some time. On my most recent visit last week we just bit the bullet and ignored all the reasons we had not to done it in the past... "my hair is a mess" "I'm tired" "I don't like this shirt" "Let's just do it next time"

So here it is! For ALL of the artists and wonderful people who reached out to Cherie when she was in ICU for over six weeks at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and when she was at the Shepherd Center for Spinal Cord Rehab over Christmas. She totally appreciated all of the hand made art and cards that were sent her way to cheer her up EVERY day. When I visited, the mail would come EVERY day, by the bag full. It was an incredible outpouring of support for my best friend. I should make a thank you video too. Cherie says it best, she was always the level headed one of the two of us, I'd probably just start to cry.

Random Cards of Kindness

Cherie at Shepherd Center

And yes, the title of all these posts has been Cherie's Progress (you can search this in the top left corner of this blog to learn more about her amazing journey) so I must tell you that I was lucky enough to sit in on a therapy session at home with her and she's really doing great!

Cherie supporting her own weight on her elbow

Cherie supporting her own weight sitting up for brief moments

She continues to have an amazingly positive attitude and an incredible spirit. Just incredible. Her sister Sue is still caring for Cherie at home. Sue just recently sold her car and they were able to obtain a wheelchair adapted van. 

Here we are after 37 years of friendship!

Best friends! In our youth on Martha's Vineyard

Her physical therapy has been in the home since the hospital where she was going closed down the spinal cord rehab facility. Cherie now has a website where you can give a tax deductible donation. 

We watched President Obama raise amazing amounts of campaign funds with $5 donations. If you can, please consider donating to someone who's fighting every day to keep positive and make progress, one baby step at a time. Someone who has faith and pushes forward despite amazing odds. Someone who I have admired since I was seven years old. Someone who truly deserves a fighting chance. 

thank you!!


  1. Elizabeth, you are an amazing and inspirational friend! Your creative spirit and incredible heart have been evident since the moment we became friends. I love you… Words will never be enough to thank you for what you have done for me.

  2. <3 you and <3 Cherie. Not sure how either of you got through that message without sobbing. Cherie, if you are reading this, you got my thoughts and prayers every single day!! You are making amazing progress, and are such a role model for any of us who are struggling with much smaller challenges. Inspiration goes both ways!!! xxxooo


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