Monday, September 8, 2008

Collecting Art

Most Recent Aquisition: Doceur by Janie Brault
On our recent trip to Québec City, we stopped in the small town of St-Hilaire (see older posts) for lunch. in the Presse-Cafe there was an exhibit by a local artist, and I decided that what I wanted to bring home from the town of St-Hilaire was a piece of local art.

Janie Brault is a 33-year old artist who has been painting since she was 15. Her first influence was the wide open sky and surrealistic vision of Salvador Dali. Janie has done much traveling, mostly in South America. Everywhere she goes, she tries to catch the essence of people and places. In her art, Janie says she "wants to share some beauty, brightness and softness." She explained to me that the name of this piece, Douceur, means "Softness" (in French). It was inspired by her part time work in massage therapy.

Douceur is 10x10, however Janie typically works on large pieces that have been known to go up to 9-feet tall! I was glad I found a small one, so I could fit it into my ever expanding art collection!

I told Janie, that the next time she comes down to Florida, I'd meet her at the Dali Museum. Turns out Janie has an Aunt right here in the Sunshine State, so we just might do that.

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