Sunday, August 31, 2008


Shout Out to Terry Hummel
Thanks Terry for your consistent coverage of the arts, for putting our event in your Orlando Sentinel  Visual Arts column this friday and for tirelessly promoting the arts in our town! Not sure if everyone knows it but Terry has an MA from Rollins College and is on the boards of Orlando Downtown Arts District and the Mennello Museum of American Art. AND he is founder and past president of the former Orlando Visual Artists' League (OVAL) which played a very important art in the creation of the City Arts Factory.

Thanks for mentioning Robin and my art exhibition which opens at SCC on Tuesday, under the subheading Pastel and Paper

We appreciate the inclusion and that you always have kind words to say about both of our work.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SCC Reception Tuesday

Hope to See You There
Robin and I have been working tirelessly on this show. We started out by creating NEW work specifically for this opportunity, each of us are exhibiting 20 pieces! After working in the studio we moved on to the computer, and the marketing. I created postcards and a catalog, plus an email graphic. Robin contacted  all the media she is so well connected with, created a sneak peek YouTube video and ordered the catalogs. SCC created posters and postcards and put us on their website as well. 

We are hoping that all of our efforts will yield us a busy opening night on September 2, from 5-7 p.m. It is easy to get a big crowd for the opening of a group show, everyone just brings a few people and you instantly have a full house! It is a little different for a two-person show.  

We would love to have as full house at the SCC Fine Arts Gallery, so please, bring your friends! The parking situation is a little tricky because Weldon Blvd. is under construction. G-Building is where the Fine Arts Gallery is located on campus. I have a very good map, if you email me I will be happy to send it to you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks Southern Fields Art Resource

Gotta Love Good Press
Southern Fields Art Resource posted about my work at the COMMA Gallery Cows show as well as my upcoming exhibit with Robin Maria Pedrero at the Seminole Community College, Fine Arts Gallery opening September 2nd from 5-7pm. (Check here for directions) I enjoy their blog, which lists many excellent local artists.

Thanks to Southern Fields Art Resource and Caleb (whose own artwork is great) for all his efforts for local artists and exhibits! 

Arts and Music

Concerts in the Home of The Glazers
Benoit Glazer and his family offer arts and music in the forgotten venue of the living room, THEIR living room in downtown Orlando. They have been doing this since 2000. People bring a bottle of wine and some cheese and enjoy an evening of live music performed by some of the best musicians around, and take in some artwork by local artisans!

These concerts put a strong emphasis on living composers, and they have had over 112 world premiers so far! That makes them one of the leading new music concert venues in Florida! 

How is Benoit Glazer connected with such talented musicians? Well, he is a conductor, arranger, trumpet player and a multi-instrumentalist who is currently the conductor at La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) here in Orlando. He has built a new home that he calls "The White House" in Orlando that has been designed with the concerts and the artwork in mind, including sound and lighting.

On August 31st I will be the guest artist at The White House in a concert featuring Dr. Eladio Scharron, a great classical guitarist who teacher at UCF. We'd love for you to join us.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Does This Sign Have Me Written All Over it or What?
Driving back from Québec City, we just had to stop in this village in southern region of Québec for lunch. The area surrounding the mountain is a biosphere reserve, as one of the last remnant of the primeval forests of the Saint-Lawrence valley.

As it turns out, there are a few famous Canadian artists who were born in St-Hilaire including Ozias Leduc and his student, abstract painter Paul-Émile Borduas (1905-1960). Leduc especially is know for his numerous representations of the mountain in several paintings, and Canada has made a short documentary about Borduas reflecting on his life and his art.

Back from Québec City

My visit to Ville de Québec
I just returned from my trip to Canada. I wanted to visit Québec City and the Canadian province of Québec because my of my French-Canadian heritage and the fact that I had been told by many that this city so rich in history and culture was like being in Europe, but not so far away! 

While we were there, I learned much about the history of Québec, like the fact that it was founded in 1608 and that the ramparts surrounding Vieux-Québec (Old Québec) are the only remaining fortified city walls in the Americas north of Mexico. In an attempt to preserve the native language there, school children are required to attend French speaking school in their primary years.

I am thinking about going back in the winter for the Carnival de Québec  and staying at the Hotel de Glace, this seems like it would be amazing! And again, it's much closer than going to Lapland, Sweden where the first hotel made entirely of ice was built.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Come check out the Cafe—(and the art)
Opening Thursday, August 7th at 9pm
My friend and artist Anna McCambridge, curator for the Dandelion Communitea Cafe, has asked me to show my work there this month. Having never been to Dandelion before, I was happy to meet Anna at the Cafe to discuss this show. This place is fantastic! Offering an entirely vegetarian menu which serves up healthy fare and premium loose leaf tea. 

A great place to take in some live music, poetry and other special events. It's an urban teahouse with an eco-attitude.

Located behind Colonial Photo and Hobby at 618 N. Thornton Ave in an adorable lime green bungalow house. You can't miss it!

Come check it out, its a unique place and if you have never been there, it's well worth a visit.