Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paper Paintings Published!

Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine
I have a "how to" feature article (5-pages!) published in the current November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine which details my collage process in a step-by-step format. Since I have started doing Figurative Collage Workshops, having an article detailing the process will be a helpful education tool for me. The magazine is available at Borders as well as news stands nationally! 

You can check out the Cloth Paper Scissors website , for the "online extras" to the printed magazine article, but to see the whole feature, you gotta buy the issue! 

The folks at Cloth Paper Scissors were great to work with, and I thank them for the beautiful layout and design of the article, it looks great! What an honor to be published in such a high quality artists' magazine.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Katharine Butler Gallery

"Hey! It's The Chicken Lady!"
When Chris Falk at the KB Gallery asked me to bring six rooster collages for my first month as a gallery artist, I said to him, "you know this is going to have folks peg me as the 'rooster artist' when they see all these roosters collages and nothing else." 

Sure enough, I was called the "Chicken Lady" (even better) five minutes in the door. LOL I used to work for marketing and financial guru Charles J. Givens who said "there is no such thing as bad publicity, all publicity is good, they will remember your name..." or something to that effect. 

I am happy to be recognized, and praised for my roosters. Chuck would be proud of me! I look forward to show as the featured artist at the Katharine Butler Gallery in February where I get to show them other diverse subject matter.... like cows. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Match Made in Handbag Heaven

Handmade Handbags by Flashbags - Made in Vermont
Paper Paintings lend themselves beautifully to Flashbags. Since Flashbags use layers of recycled newsprint inside their bags, and I use layers of colored and recycled paper to create my mixed media collages, we are truly a match made in heaven!

Wholesale Retail Opportunities
Know someone with a unique boutique or shop? Flashbags offers wholesale purchasing opportunities and we'd love to get these unique bags in the hands of shop owners everywhere! Call 1-866-64 FLASH, ask for Ali and tell her Elizabeth sent you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carry A Conversation™

My Art is Being Made into Handbags
Yesterday Ali Marchildon, one of the co founders of flashbags, gave me the thumbs up that my art is ready to purchase as handbags on the flashbags homepage I can't tell you how excited I am about this wonderful opportunity to work with such great people on such a unique and original product! These funky handbags are made in Burlington VT, their lively start-up story is featured in the current summer issue of Vermont Life Magazine. Get the whole scoop!

What is a Flashbag?
A flashbag is a handmade purse or accessory such as a wallet, checkbook holder or wine tote. Instead of leather or canvas, the bag is made of laminated color prints that are wrapped around several sheets of newsprint that provide support. The materials are sewn together and covered with decorative stitching. To make a shoulder bag, clear plastic tubing is added as straps.

A photo of my sample flashbag is in the previous post. See more samples of my art as flashbags or better yet, BUY MY FLASHBAGS at my flashbags gallery. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

On The Horizon

Carry a Conversation!
I have been working closely with a company that makes all kinds of bags—from wine totes, to wallets, to purses—to adorn their wonderful decorative products with my collages! Today I received my sample bag and let me tell you, it's gorgeous! 

The straps are clear plastic tubing through grommets, the edges are reinforced with heavy plastic and their is decorative top-stitching all over, done one-at-a-time by a person sitting at a sewing machine in Burlington, VT. Is that very cool or what?

I am going to be one of the featured artists for these bags, which you order online. They are setting up my collage artwork on their website as we speak, just as soon as it's up and running I'll have more information for the blog, including some local galleries and shops which might carry them as well.

Consider this your up-to-the-minute Sneak Peek!