Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to the Drawing Bird

Most Recent Small Birds
12x12, collage on wood panel, unframed, available at COMMA Gallery in Orlando

Recently I had been struggling with inspiration when COMMA Gallery contacted me and said that they had sold two of my small bird series, and had collectors interested in Cardinals. Two different collectors said they would buy birds if they were Cardinals. So, I got busy. After all, I am from New England and Cardinals are something we used to get very excited about, especially in the winter when many of the other birds had flown south. I funneled my enthusiasm for colorful birds and cold weather right into my work and came up with four new pieces in my small bird series.

Now I have a plan for my next piece. My friend Anndella Bond from Australia had provided me with material as inspiration for and incorporation with my collage work, her "Mum" even sent over a packet of potential materials from Australia. I have been wondering what type of Aussie specific imagery I could work on with my magazines and newspapers sent half way around the world, in addition to my existing huge collection of Australian stamps from Kaite Matilda. 

I am working on a piece that will be made up of four small birds, 12x12 with a twist. I intend to connect them and put them all in one frame. I also intend to make all four birds Australian birds, AND I plan to leave some of the collage process showing through. What does this mean? Some sketch, some under-painting and some areas of un-finished collage. I want to process to be come clear to the viewer when they spend some time with the birds!


  1. VERY cool. Beautiful colors. Isn't that awesome that the collectors asked for something specific? Congratulations! your work continues to inspire me-

  2. Cardinals are my favorite bird and it's wonderful to see your take on them. I like the idea about Australian birds. You could do a series with sets of birds from all parts of the country and even the wworld... until you can't stand to do another.

  3. Wonderful collage work.
    And congratulations on your triathalon

  4. I love the bird/postage stamp combination.


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