Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School

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Back to Art
Last year I was invited by my local high school art teacher at Lake Brantley High School to come and speak to her advanced portfolio students about my collage technique, the business of art, and going to college for art. I truly enjoyed this opportunity to speak with students who are getting ready to consider art for a career.

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I remember when I was in High School in Massachusetts, my art teacher often brought former art students to come and speak with us. These people were either in college for art, or had art careers. It was through these guest speakers that I learned of the many careers that commercial art had to offer. I am always singing the praises of my high school art teacher, because without her encouragement and motivation, I would not have gone on to pursue a fine art degree.

The Lake Brantley students studied my collage technique prior to my visit. I gave a demonstration and answered questions when I came to speak, and their teacher Ms. Farmer later gave them a class assignment based on my technique! How exciting. And as you can see, the work is stunning!

©M Esser

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I'd be happy to return this year and encourage the Lake Brantley High School art students to follow their dreams and pursue an education and a career in fine art or commercial art. Are you listening Ms. Farmer? ;) There are many opportunities for artists to make a living beyond just painting, I reminded the students that commercial art and graphic design impacts every product you purchase, every book or magazine you look at, etc. etc... So think BIG!

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©A Froment

Congratulations to everyone who's work is represented here, you did a fantastic job! I really enjoyed looking at the included materials, like the flag in the Stonehenge piece, and other Britain related tid-bits. The drips in the guitar and piano pieces are wonderful! The shading in the Statue of Liberty is excellent, I can appreciate how difficult that can be. I like the snake's leafy background, a lot of detail in there that really makes it nice. The rooster sky is wonderful, dark and stormy. I really enjoyed the cropping of the bicycle piece, and the sewing patterns (?) in the background, a lot of nice lines in this one. What a wonderful and creative application the crow has, love all the color in the blacks! LOVE the little bird head and the wonderful sky on the plane. And last but not least, the portrait was done by a student who used to babysit for me, she really gave herself a challenge in creating a portrait of herself as a child. I think she did a fantastic job with so many tiny details!

Thanks for inviting me to speak, I truly enjoy inspiring others.

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  2. Yes Granny, LOngwood! That's where I live. Small world.

  3. I hope the students see the thoughtful and stimulating comments you present on their work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about inspiring and the fruits of your words.


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