Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whatever It Takes 
My backyard studio at 5am

I am often asked "how do you do so much?" and I have posted about maximizing my time before here: "That's Just How I Do It"

Today I was inspired by some photos on my iPhone that were all taken at about 5am or midnight. Early to rise, I am either headed to the community pool or painting at 5am every weekday. I like to take advantage of the peace and quiet of this early morning hour. I also paint at night for the same reasons. I make use of this time to get as much done in a day as I possibly can.

Patriot Aquatics Center a few miles from my house

Most people are sleeping when I'm working. My alarm is set for 5am every day. I swim with the Masters Program at the Patriot Aquatics Center M/W/F from 5:30-7am, a great way to start the day! on T/Th I make myself coffee, let the dogs out, and head to the studio to get 2-hours of painting in before I have to make breakfast and pack lunches for my teenagers.

A sketched up and primed work on the easel at night, ready for the next morning

Remember, when I post work in progress on Facebook and it seems like I work soooo fast, that I have been working since before you were awake, or after you went to sleep! That's how I get it all in and make it look like I do it so fast. But sshhhhh, it's our secret.

Crabs in progress around midnight 



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