Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art Prize in Grand Rapids

24x20 "Flopsy" in progress ©St.Hilaire Nelson

24x20 "Flopsy" beginning stages with acrylic stamping ©St.Hilaire Nelson

I am officially working on a few pieces for Art Prize with the famed Kimberly Kelly Santini, artist and genius. This week I started working on my bunny "Flopsy" based on a reference photo provided by Heather Holmes and her husband Tony.

24x20 "Flopsy" beginning stages with InkTense pencil ©St.Hilaire Nelson

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather and Tony at the Grand Bohemian Gallery when they came down to watch me work at Jazz Brunch this past Sunday morning. They shared with me their story on how they ended up with their furry friend, who is litter box trained by the way!

You can follow the progress of Flopsy on my FB studio fan page as well as the story of Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan as it unfolds.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Flopsy in person. I work as a volunteer at the Art Museum during Art Prize but I always allow lots of extra time to explore the city to look at all the wonderful pieces of art.

  2. this is the CUTEST! I am inspired by your collages. I am a mixed media, collage artist from PA and I also teach. I am also a member of NCS. I will be following your blog...I am new blogger...any help would be welcome ( :

  3. Hi Carol, how cool is THAT? My work will be at the MVP Metro Club downtown. :) Sue, thanks for your kind words. I used to blog much more than I do now, I tend to love Facebook these days as I can post so quickly from my studio with my iPhone, you know? I need to get back on the ball of the blog! My advice would be to post once a week if you can.


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