Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art Prize

Koi / 20x24 / collage of hand painted paper on birch panel

I am getting ready to ship a sampling of my Noah's Ark Series to Art Prize in Grand Rapids, MI where I will be displaying in the same venue with Kimberly Kelly Santini. Santini and I have created a couple of pieces with the same subject matter to demonstrate how artists have their own style and interpretation of things, even when working from the same subject. Kim's Koi Pond inspired me to move further back from the subject and get more abstract in my execution.

Flopsy / 24x20 / collage of hand painted papers on birch panel

Santini and I both painted Koi and Flopsy. I just Love Kim's version of the rabbit that I enjoyed painting as well. We worked from different reference photos provided by the owner (thank you Heather!)

my voting number and title card for the exhibition

I will post information on voting as it becomes available but you can get started by setting up online now. With an account you can easily search, save and share your favorites. To get started click the "Collections" tab once you've logged in. You may find my work on the ArtPrize website here.

Anyone over the age of 16 can register to vote. Votes are cast on, via text message and mobile application. Learn more about the public vote and juried awards. 

Looking forward to my upcoming trip to Michigan to install the work at MVP Metro Club downtown Grand Rapids and to sipping more wine with Santini!

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