Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gustav Giraffe and the Year of the Giraffe

Gustav Giraffe / 16x64 / collage on cradled birch panel

Lots of attention for my new larger work on Facebook this week as I post the professional photos by my husband (Douglas Nelson Photography) which really outshine my iPhone images. 

A Facebook follower mentioned that Carla Sonheim has penned 2013 as the year of the giraffe and that I should show her this piece. Now, I am familiar with Carla, having taken her online class "The Art of Silliness." 

Carla's "Giraffe Creativity Experiment" class began yesterday, but you might still be able to get in on the fun. This class is 12 months/ 12 projects - an experiment in creativity. The "Year of the Giraffe" is about making the theme of "Giraffe," and a community of artists taking a year long journey with Carla. The more I read about this class on her blog, the more I like it! Carla says that giraffes are a bit absurd looking and that she just can't get them off her mind. I had the very BEST time creating Gustav, playing with the patterns on his neck. I could see myself revisiting this theme. 

It's not just drawing either, Carla is challenging you to create 2D or 3D work, photography, sewing, sculpture, you name it! How fun would a giraffe art quilt be? Wow. 

Carla was cool enough to comment on my giraffe collage and tell me how much she enjoyed not only Gustav, but all of my work. I totally admire Carla's ability to be so organized and resourceful as to run creative online classes that last a year. That's an accomplishment!

Guess what? you CAN still get in on this class, through January 31st. 


  1. I totally love "the art of silliness" idea.
    There are over 240 of us on Leslie's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge right now. Paper painting would not be one of my choices for this unless it was a 3"x4" or something!!!! I love the idea of teaching "silliness". What a freeing concept!!!! And I plan to incorporate more thought this week into being sillier (if that is possible). Sometimes we take art too seriously. The giraffe reminds me of being light hearted. (Sort of like carton graffiti body stockings!)

  2. Yes Ginny! funky stockings and funny colored giraffe. I'm trying to be more whimsical. AND I ordered the stockings. LOL

  3. I absolutely LOVE Gustav!!!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I love your giraffe but found another artist using it. l don't know if she has permission but thought you should know. (artist to artist)
    Keep up the great work, I love all you do!

    1. thank you SO MUCH Renee for bringing this to my attention! wow. thank you.

  5. hello,elisabeth... take a look,is that your store?


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