Friday, February 22, 2013

Workshop Fun

Stamping and Stenciling

You don't have to purchase art store stamping and stenciling tools to get good results when making hand-painted collage papers. Sometimes the best tools are found in where you least expect them. The flower pattern that I have stamped over deli paper and Mother Goose book pages in this photo, is actually a silicone sink linter mat that I purchased at Lowes. I love this so much for stamping that I have gone back and purchased several more so that I can have one in my workshop supplies box as well as in my studio! 

The pink paper nursery rhyme sheet was coated with Quin. Magenta and then stamped with Red Oxide while it was still wet, offering a soft edged, watery effect on the flower patter. The deli paper was coated with Quin. Nickel Azo Gold and allowed to dry completely before stamping over with Burnt Umber, you can see that the dry method gives a much more defined stamp effect on the edges of the flowers. 

A paper doily coated with gesso makes a wonderful stencil. You can see the doily above has been used to both stamp and stencil many colors. A coating of gesso will help this fragile paper stand up to the test of being used over and over again. 

Think outside the box. Think big. Look around your kitchen for interesting texture tools, as well as your garage. You'll never look at the isles of Lowe's or Home Depot the same again!


  1. Hi Elizabeth. I cannot describe what a connection I feel to you and your art. Your honesty and integrity shine. Wish I was closer to take one of your workshops. My birthday (Leap Year baby) is next week and I have your dvd and companion pdf on my list for presents. Thank you for letting us subscribe here via email, and thank you for posts like the last couple. I promise, as soon as I get past this icky winter (I've been sick with something or another since November!) and finish organizing (my word for the year), I PROMISE I will be active and play using your technique posts and process. Got a big old $80 box of 15x15 deli sheets from Sams just waiting to be painted and collaged. Please know there are lurkers out there like me reading and loving what you post. xoxo, Aimeslee at gmail dot com. (See my portfolio at ).

  2. Well thank you Aimeslee for taking the time to write something so NICE! I would love to meet you someday and be able to work with someone so enthusiastic. Deli papers are wonderful, be sure to get the unwaxed kind :) They are much like tissue paper but stronger. They can take more abuse. I'll have a look at your portfolio. thanks for sharing. :)

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