Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snail Mail Me

US Mail box at San Francisco City Hall

Letter writing is a dying art form. I call it that, an art form, because of the beauty and individuality of hand writing. Penmanship is something that isn't even taught in school anymore. Did you know that? Sad. Even e-mail is going away in favor of texting! At least I could apply a fancy font and print an email. Not the same, but ...

Over the last few years I have been purchasing old letters from a man in Greece. He sends me these letters, envelopes and all, and I use them in my collage work. Sometimes the letters are done with ink dip pens, the variation in value within the handwriting is lovely. Sometimes the letters are in a foreign language, like German, this is extra special.

Handwriting makes wonderful texture, pattern, and a very unique line.

Send me a note

I'm asking you to write me a letter, that I can use in a collage. Yes! how fun would that be to have hand writing from you, my followers and fans, in my work. Be sure to put some positivity into your note, good thoughts and affirmations. Say something nice about yourself, what kind of day you are having, or some details of your own art journey. Positive vibes have a way of making the art extra special.

Send me your grocery list, send me a doodle, or write me a note! I promise it will find its way into my work. Use an ink that won't smear, so that when I add glue it does not disappear. Some permanent writing material suggestions are:

  • crayon
  • pencil
  • ball point pen
  • permanent fine point marker (Faber Castell or something that says "fade proof")

Any of these will do, and a variety would be wonderful! Big letters, small letters, fancy letters, printing, whatever you like. I'll even take a note from your child or grand child, they have the best printing, even if they don't teach them cursive.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson
362 W Hornbeam Dr
Longwood, FL 32779

I look forward to hearing from you, and then to tearing up your correspondence into teeny tiny pieces.

Thank you for being a part of my art journey.


  1. I would love to be a little part of your wonderful art. Will mail my note tomorrow.
    audrey ♥

  2. Would you use papers that students write...of course with their names ripped off?

  3. Love student homework Sarah! Thanks Audrey!

  4. YES!! Susan, still want mail. send it send it! :)


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