Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's Just Off The Easel

I often have images come to me in dreams, lately I've been following those messages from my mind, however whimsical or seemingly disconnected to reality. Guess what? I really like where the work is going!

GoatGazing, started with a dream

And then I found a funny photo

Did some research on constellations - Capricornus the Goat Fish

Made composite in the computer

Sketched in pencil on primed wood panel

Created the under-painting in my studio

Added the wallpaper strips and took the piece to NY State

Worked in a cabin by the lake for a week

Infused much color and texture

Detail, the nose with hand written letters sent to me for collage

Finished up in the studio back in FL with the addition of fish

Fish? Yes, the Goat Fish, Capricornus, he needed the fish and I had the fish. They are Gyotaku prints that are made for me by an amazing artist Chuck Seaman in Key West, FL. I enjoyed using them so much (he works on rice paper, hence the translucent property over the wallpaper strips) I've asked him to make me some BIG ONES so that I can do something even more bold. 

Hand written letters? Yes, please be a part of my letter writing campaign! 

Thank you for being a part of my art journey

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