Sunday, September 15, 2013

Healthy in Houston

Yours Truly critiquing intermediate student work today

This weekend in Houston I had the pleasure of teaching a 2-day workshop and a 1-day intermediate intensive class. Lisa Morales, a super talented face painter, brought me back to Houston to teach again again this year. Since this is a repeat visit for me, Lisa was already familiar with my workout regime and my desire to eat healthy. 

I wanted to take an opportunity to really thank Lisa for all the Google searching she did for "Healthy Eating in Houston" to find restaurants that might interest me. We even went to places she had never been! AND to thank her for picking a hotel for me to stay at that had an above average fitness center which I took full advantage of. 

Ruggles Green offers organic and local food. Two students, mom Tara and daughter Keli stood in for Lisa and accompanied me to dinner after class on Saturday night. Ruggles food was so fresh! I had veggie tacos with black beans, fresh avocado, piled high with corn and carrots and cilantro. The chicken noodle soup featured gluten free quinoa noodles. Houston has a LOT of vegetarian and gluten free options for folks on a restrictive diet.

Empire Cafe's atmosphere was fun 

Lisa and I enjoyed the company of another local working artist Joan, who told me all about her year teaching art in Russia the night we had dinner at the Empire Cafe. This place had a wonderful atmosphere and I had salmon with brown rice risotto that was to die for. 

Missy and Lisa took me to Khyber for Indian food on my first night in town. Missy and I went here last year and the food was so good, with such nice atmosphere, that I asked them to bring me back. Khyber is Indian Pakistani food, the staff is super friendly and they know Missy personally. You can't beat that!

This morning for family style Sunday brunch Lisa found Radical Eats, this place was radical. First off, they were growing their own herbs and veggies in wooden planters out front. They asked us if we were vegan, vegetarian or "flexitarian" they cater to all three, as well as gluten free. I can't even begin to tell you about all the food we had, it just kept coming. I will say that the tamales with vegan chili were amazing, as were the gluten free chocolate pancakes and the sprouted salad and kimchi pancake. Such a combination of flavors, like nothing I have ever had. The wait staff was creative and friendly and the atmosphere was funky. I'd recommend this place any time just because it was so different.

Lisa and Me                                          Missy and Me

Last but not least, Missy, Lisa and I convened for one more meal together this evening at Baba Yega. (where I had vegan meatloaf that was to die for) When we pulled into the parking lot I turned to Lisa and said, "What a neat place, how do you find all these wonderful restaurants?" Her answer? "Healthy in Houston Elizabeth!"

Abby and Holly in serious concentration mode
Yours Truly demonstrating the splatter technique with her yellow shoes tucked safely under the table. 

We had a great class this weekend with many new faces and several return students from last year for the intermediate class today. How NICE it was to spend time with folks I have not seen since last year in Texas! Thank you all for coming out to tear and glue with me!

Thank you Lisa (and Texas) for your hospitality and for looking out for me, for driving me all over (and around, and around) Houston, for making Starbucks drive through part of our morning routine, and for being so all-around thoughtful. 

thank you for being 
a part of my 
Art Journey, 

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