Friday, April 4, 2014

Madeline Island School of the Arts

signature sun tea

classroom in the milk house studio

I have been asked to "test the waters" by the folks at Madeline Island School of the Arts. They are hoping to put me on the class list next year. As it turns out, mixed media classes are not filling up as well as others on the Island. Why is that?

In my class we have so much fun, slinging paint, stamping, stenciling, dry brushing, texture rubbing, winging it… And that's just making the paper.

making the most of found and purchased papers

After we create our own collage papers, we organize them according to color and then we hit the ground running. Since you arrive at class with your under painting in hand. (oh yes, there is homework in this class!) we are ready to glue this wonderful paper down on day two.

Collage is very forgiving because if you don't like how it looks, you can pull it off or go over it with a new piece. There is no stress in collage. The one comment I hear more than any other  in class is "Oh, this is so much fun!"

class sizes are small with a lot of one-on-one attention

Even if you are not an artist, you can have fun in my workshop. I have had many mother and daughter, best friends, long lost college roommates come together in my class to experience collage and to spend time together with someone they enjoy being with. Often times one of these two people are artistic and talked the other into coming!

cliff jumping, I wonder how cold that water is?

Madeline Island looks like an amazing place, you can see why I want to meet you there in 2015 with my bag of tricks (and colorful papers).

ferry crossing to Madeline Island

aerial view of the island

the milk house studios

I encourage you to look up Madeline Island School of the Arts website and learn a little bit about them. They are, in fact, on an island. Their season is in the summer, when it's warm and beautiful in Wisconsin. You know I can't go anywhere cold.

Tell them I sent you, and if you think you would be interested in taking my collage workshop up there, let them know that as well. We are "testing the waters" to see if we could fill a class. I think we can. 

I'll watch you jump off that cliff while I'm sipping sun tea on the shore. 

Thank YOU
for being a part of
My Art Journey,


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