Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gone to Seed

working on the packet art in the studio ©Douglas Nelson Photography

Several months ago I entered the Hudson Valley Seed Library packet contest, along with over 400 other artists. They narrowed it down to 16, and I was assigned the Radiant Radish Mix!

The art was under wraps, we couldn't talk about it until the pack designs were unveiled and the cover competition was at hand. You can now view and vote for my packet to be the cover of the catalogue on their website.

My radish pack, top left vote for #1

The original artwork for all 16 "Art of the Heirloom" packets is set for November 8th at the New York Botanic Gardens. The show will stay at NYBG through January and then continue to travel to other venues.

Starting this week, the Hudson Valley Seed Library Blog will feature posts about each artist and their completed Art Pack. there are also Fine Art Prints available of the art from the packs. 

What a wonderful project to be a part of. My Dad loves radishes and grew them in our yard when I was a kid. I'll have to get him some seeds for next summer!

The original artwork from my easel

Thank You
for being a part of
my Art Journey,



  1. What a wonderful project ... and your radishes certainly deserve to be on the cover!


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