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The Madeline Island School of the Arts campus


Madeline Island School of the Arts

Last year I was invited to teach in Wisconsin. Being from Florida, I was a little afraid of how cold it could be in Wisconsin. Jenna assured me that they had a "season" at MISA and that it was in the summer. She assured me that LaPointe would not be freezing in August. This workshop would be more than the typical weekend long class that I am used to teaching, it would be a week-long class where the students have the opportunity to stay on the campus. To eat, sleep, and breath art, to be completely immersed in the experience. How wonderful would that be? When students stay on campus, they have 24-hour studio access. Late night with friends, music and a bottle of wine, or early birds with coffee and the glory of early morning.

Something for Everyone

If you wanted to come to the Island and take my collage class, you could always bring a friend. MISA offers more than one class in more than one discipline at a time. Class offerings often include photography, quilting, creative writing, and more. The concept behind the multiple class offerings is that you could bring a friend or a family member and they might find a simultaneous class that interests them.



At the same time that I teach my Paper Paintings mixed media collage workshop this summer, Tony Sweet will be teaching a photography workshop titled  “The Interpretive Landscape of Madeline and the Apostle Islands”  In this workshop students use a DSLR, mirror-less, or iPhone camera, to find innovative solutions that add depth and emotion to your images. What an amazing opportunity to experience a guided tour of the area and all its beauty while learning about taking better images of it in the process. This class would be beneficial for photographers of all abilities.



Also during the week I will be teaching at MISA, your friend or family member might enjoy a quilting workshop  taught by Jacquie Gering, president of the Modern Quilt Guild. Quilters won't want to miss Jacquie's Composing with Lines” 

cropped one

Sharing the Experience

Sharing the week-long experience with a friend can be the perfect art immersion vacation. Whether you take my class: Paper Paintings, the photo class or the quilt class, sharing accommodations and meals with a friend or family member allows you to compare notes at the end of the day. Talking about what you learned over dinner with other like minded artists and photographers can be a very rewarding experience in and of itself. How amazing is it to be surrounded by people with similar interests who are just as excited about spending the time on beautiful Madeline Island as you are!


For more information on my workshops visit Facebook page for a complete listing of classes. No Facebook account required.

Thank You for being a part of my Art Journey, Elizabeth

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