Sunday, August 17, 2008


Does This Sign Have Me Written All Over it or What?
Driving back from Québec City, we just had to stop in this village in southern region of Québec for lunch. The area surrounding the mountain is a biosphere reserve, as one of the last remnant of the primeval forests of the Saint-Lawrence valley.

As it turns out, there are a few famous Canadian artists who were born in St-Hilaire including Ozias Leduc and his student, abstract painter Paul-Émile Borduas (1905-1960). Leduc especially is know for his numerous representations of the mountain in several paintings, and Canada has made a short documentary about Borduas reflecting on his life and his art.


  1. I can't tell you how many St. Hilaire signs we saw from Toronto to New Brunswick and every time we saw one, we said to each other "I wonder what/where Doug, Elizabeth and the kids are ..." How long did it take to drive from Quebec City to Montreal. I/we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED taking the train. We sat in the nice cabin and could eat, have a glass of wine and move to the Panorama car.

  2. LOL the kids stayed in New Jersey with Doug's brother and sister and their cousins. We never went to Montreal, we had a short trip so we went directly to Québec. Now you know where my name comes from, My grandfather and his family all spoke French. We did not take the train but when we were in England we took the train to Scotland and I know just why you loved it. I miss you.


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