Monday, July 26, 2010

Giclée Prints Available

©2010 St.Hilaire Nelson | Tortoises | 20x24

Now offering giclée prints of collage artwork, printed on artist's watercolor paper with foam core backing. The prints are boxed and shipped flat, ready for framing.

If you are interested in any alternate image, please email me.

20x24 Tortoise Giclée print $135
shipping and handling $10


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Your monnthly newsletter about sending cookies to galleries reminded me of this woman's incredible cookies. She doesn't ship... probably has plenty of local business:
    Love your turtle! Twice I swam with sea turtles. Incredible beasts, aren't they?

  2. Jo, I struggled with how to create the reptile skin but I think I achieved it with a suggestion of scales via patterned pieces. This one was really outside my box. YES swimming with sea life is certainly amazing. We did a scuba dive in the Epcot tanks last year! not the same as open ocean, but easily accessible!

  3. Love the little sea turtle and think you've captured him well. I swam with them in Hawaii - so scared of the big guys I kept my fingers tucked in (try swimming like that!) because I didn't want them to be a turtle snack! ha ha

  4. I would love to buy giclee prints and put it on our room.


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