Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skeleton Crew

©Doug and Elizabeth Nelson 2010

This morning I dropped off the Red Chair entry I was asked to create for Seminole Cultural Arts Council. Linda Moore, from the City of Casselberry, FL was thrilled with the skeleton my husband Doug built, and I collaged. Doug also distressed the red chair and we put a box on his lap to hold the SCAC tickets they are giving away to their annual "Howl for the Arts" event. "Howl for the Arts" is a halloween theme, which is why we chose to embellish the chair to match.

The Sixth Annual Red Chair Affair raises money for the arts in Central Florida. If you are interested in tickets and/or the themed chair auction, visit their website


  1. How creatively clever is this! What a winner for your team effort!

  2. I saw all these at the city arts factory downtown gallery yesterday. I loved seeing all the different creative approaches everyone took. Great work on yours! looks awesome!!


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