Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Inspiration

Bob Cline, a 7th grade science teacher at Dr. Henry W. Karrer Middle School in Dublin, Ohio sent me this letter along with photos of his student's "Paper Paintings" bird collages this week. Each of his students chose a bird to research and visually display using art. They were presented three artists with unique styles and many of them gravitated toward my work (I was in company with Audubon and Charley Harper!). the students used classroom scraps to create with and boy did they come up with some wonderful birds!

Thank you Bob for taking the time to send me such a wonderful letter and photos which I will put in my brag book binder!
Please view the album of the kids work on my Facebook Fan Page!

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  1. Congratulation and this is an inspiration for me --- how there are no limits for our creative expressions to reach people and touch their lives in ways we could not imagine.

    Thanks Elizabeth for sharing this and for your great work. You make a difference!


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