Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Addition To Art

It's Triathlon Season in Florida!
I have been training for four months for the Danskin Women's Triathlon which comes to Orlando every year on Mother's Day. I have competed in this race twice before, and my goal is to beat my own time and to come in at a respectable place in my age group. I have been seriously training for the past four months in preparation for this race, and I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day morning!

The race takes place at Fort Wilderness Camp Grounds at Disney. My family and I will head down there on Friday afternoon and spend the weekend. It's so much easier to just walk down to the beach on race morning than to have to deal with getting up at 4am, driving and taking the bus to the parks.

The Danskin Women's Triathlon is a sprint distance race, that means it's half of an Olympic distance. It's a half mile swim, a 12 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. This race has been inspiring female athletes, novice and expert, for over 20 years. The first year I did this race I did it with my sister Aimée who talked me off the couch and into a lifestyle of swim, bike, run that she herself had been enjoying for years. These days I'm addicted to triathlon training and I have her to thank for it.

This race is the largest and longest running triathlon series in the world and it will be in seven US cities including Orlando. Check it out, you might be able to compete in one near you. A portion of monies raised go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Sally Edward's Team Survivor Foundation who's goal is to return fitness and health to women who have received a cancer diagnosis.

Training is always better when you have a specific goal to work toward. So what will I be working toward come Monday? My goal is to compete in a full or Olympic distance triathlon here in Orlando on July 10th, three days before my 43rd birthday! A new year, another new experience. Living life to the fullest.


  1. Good luck Elizabeth!!!!! You are an inspiration, now go out there and bring it!!!

  2. Thanks! I am so mad, i fell off my bike on Monday, did not get my feet out of the clips fast enough at a stop on the trail! my knee is a MESS and so now i have another hurdle. But I'll do it, I'll bring it. You can betcha I will!!

  3. You are an amazing woman, Elizabeth! You're just full of "can do". Just don't mess up your knee permanently for one event!
    Best wishes for a great meet.

  4. OH NO so sorry about the knee. DARN it.
    I loved seeing your kids. Darling!
    AND as I am a breast cancer survivor I am SO extra proud of you! Go go Elizabeth!

  5. The knee is better, still looks bad but feels better! headed down to Disney tonight to stay at Fort Wilderness where the race will take place from on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn. Found out today that a woman who works for the Orlando Magic, a long time graphic design client of mine, is doing this race for the first time ever. I am going to find her on Sunday morning if I can, to give her a big hug of encouragement as she is very nervous and is not doing it with any friends. Let's all wish Melanie GOOD LUCK in her first race ever, she is overcoming multiple surgeries and pushing herself to complete this race!


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