Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poetry by McCrae T. Harrison

Birch Keys #2, 24x24, collage on panel, 
Grand Bohemian Gallery, Asheville NC
©St.Hilaire Nelson

i have listened to chopin
19th century musical genius
on a rainy new england afternoon
i just came from the river
my skin is red and burning for warmth
i have listented to chopin
as i draw treble clefs on the condensation
watch the heavier bits begin to tumble
roll down the face of the bus window
growing and growing
until they reach the sill
i have listened to chopin
and i wonder that life must be the same way
we begin from a bit of sheet music
some divine symphony
traced into condensation
on the windows of time and existence
i have listened to chopin.

I just love this poem. Ironically, McCrae is another New Englander (from CT) who has been transplanted to the South, she now lives in Alabama and is a Vessel Inspector with the US Coast Guard. I met McCrae through Israel J. Parker, author of The Anne Marie. You can read more of her poetry on Israel's blog.

McCrae T. Harrison, poet


  1. Love this collage, Elizabeth. the contrast between the bright colors and the black and white of the trees is wonderful.


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