Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tou by Twos

Noah's Ark Series
I've been asked to exhibit 50 pieces at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts at St. John's River State College in Orange Park FL. The show will run April 28 to June 16, 2012.

My concept for the show is a Noah's Ark theme with 25 pairs of brightly colored animal collages. I want to make them actual pairs, with elements and/or colors that cross over between the two, to reinforce the theme. I'd also like to create an oversized ark piece for the anchor piece of the exhibit. I'm excited about this show but my husband, who has a much better grip on math than I do, informed me the other day that at this rate I need to be producing three collages a week to meet my deadline of 50 pieces by next April. Um, yikes!

Yesterday I placed an order for 50 20x24 American Easel Wood Painting Panels from Not sure where I will store all of this, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

If you are working on a big show and need to order such a high volume of materials from Blick, know that you can call their customer service and tell them that you are purchasing in volume. I was able to negotiate an excellent per panel price from them, much lower than I have ever seen in the sale catalogue.

Stay tuned for more sets of twos but this is my first, Toucans. I thought you might like the word play there, I know I do!

I'm headed out on a cruise to Mexico this morning and I have one of these in my suitcase, I kid you not! I can't do any blogging or emailing this week, it's going to be technology free, but I'll be taking photos of my work in progress in my cabin and will share with you when I return.

Thank goodness I have a big suitcase.


  1. these are wonderful, wow, i'd love to see the suitcase! hope you have a great time. Your work is great, Diana

  2. Hmm --
    50 means 25 animal, insects or birds of the Ark!

    Have you imagined what the remaining 24 might be? Sounds like a fascinating show. I wonder how they arrived at the 50 figure!

    Think I'll hang around for the next 11 months to see what fruits come out of the ESHN studio!

  3. Félicitations pour vos collages ,ils sont de toutes beauté et trés exprésifs..chouette !
    Bonne journée.

  4. Hello, I just had to stop by and say hi. I just saw the show Growing Bolder and saw the feature about you. You mentioned your blog and had to visit! :) I love your art, its amazing and I love the colors. I cant wait to see more of your Noahs Ark pieces. I love the toucans.

    Have a great trip and Happy Creating,

  5. ME they arrived at the 50 figure based on my size of 20x24 and the exhibition space. I gave myself the theme as its' something I've been wanting to do. And yes, 25 pairs is the goal. Diana, the suitcase was exactly the right size for the panel, but I carried it off when it was done, I was afraid to pack the completed art. Thérese, I'm not sure what you are saying but how cool! My sister speaks French, I'll run it by her. LOL Gail, thanks for saying hello and for enjoying the growing Bolder show. You are so sweet to take the time to send a compliment to me. I'm back and the Toucan is complete!!

  6. My sister speaks French, so here is the translation of Thérése's comment:

    "Congratulations on your collages, they are completely beautiful and very expressive.. neat! Have a nice day. Theresa"

  7. Fabulous idea for the show, looking forward to seeing your art in progress!


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