Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of Tou

Toucan, 20x24, with travel bag of ziplock collage papers

Those of you who follow this Blog know that I work in all kinds of interesting places in order to be so prolific. I've showed you many a small piece done on my airplane tray table as well as some work on my lap while waiting in the doctor's office.
Toucan, 20x24, in my stateroom on Carnival Cruise

This week I started working on my Noah's Ark Themed solo exhibition for next April. I just got off the ship this morning with one completed Toucan in hand. I worked for at least 20-30minutes per day on him in my state room and pushed to finish him yesterday afternoon. These were extenuating circumstances, because my plan is to create two at a time, side by side on the easel. In the interest of small spaces I had to create this one without his partner. I worked from my travel bags of papers, so I'll just use the same bags to create the other half of his pair.

In this series my goal is to have some fun with abstracted backgrounds

Next up is the Owl pair and I may have to do them before I finish the other toucan as I've been asked by a rather large licensing client to create a pair of owls for reproduction. ]
Toucan, 20x24, Completed!

Stay tuned!


  1. This is fun and I love the additional design elements in the bg = just enough to add a bit more zing to an already zingy work! Can't wait for the owls - they are my second favorite birds. And have to tell you, everywhere I go, I get positive comments on your Raucous Ravens Flashbag I bought a few months ago - it's a winner!!!

  2. Rhonda, that's so cool that folks love the Flashbag! ANd thank you for your compliments. I am having fun with the zingy background. I am working on the owls today, just stopped in to print out a reference and got sucked into the VORTEX! LOL

  3. I don't know how you work on these in such unusual places - When I do your technique, I get gel all over me - especially my fingers - I have to wash my hands all the time! Love the bird!

  4. Nancy, I peel the glue off my fingers and throw it away rather than wash, I do this throughout the process. I do have glue on just about everything I own, clothing wise. Thanks for your compliments!


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