Thursday, October 4, 2012


Brittany and I with her portrait

Brittany's portrait was a surprise for her dad Mark, who loved it! Her mom Donna asked me to create her portrait from personal ephemera almost a year ago.

Brittany's school papers hanging in my studio after being tinted with fluid acrylic

I hand painted all the materials Donna supplied and hung them to dry in my studio. it was wonderful following Brittany from birth to a senior in high school through her papers, notes, cards, report cards, etc. What a journey. 

24x20 underpainting on wood panel

I started with an underpainting of Brittany based on a photo her mother took. I think my biggest challenge was her perfect smile!

The eyes are always my favorite part

finding just the right colors and tearing in just the right direction for flesh tones is a challenge. The details of her personal materials that make up the piece are quite nice and something her mom enjoyed looking through when she picked up the piece. 

I have another portrait right after this one, so stay tuned if you are interested to see how that one progresses. :)


  1. what a treasure to have! a wonderful idea and use of all that wonderful ephemera. Beautiful!


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