Friday, October 26, 2012

Thanks Lisa!

Lisa in action at the Mosaic Studio

Lisa Morales brought me to Houston to teach two 2-day Paper Painting Collage Workshops. Lisa is not an art group or guild, she's an individual who wanted me to come to Houston. Lisa started a Facebook fan page for the class and we filled 32 slots almost immediately!

I told Lisa that she should start a career in marketing or perhaps in workshop hosting, but Lisa already has a great job, she's going to school at night working toward her BFA and by day she's a Mom of three and a face painter!

After class tonight I had the benefit of watching Lisa work. She transformed a lovely lady into a very cool Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) skull for a halloween party she was headed to.

Dia de los Muertos ©2006, St. Hilaire Nelson

I had to bring my computer to class for my Paper Paintings presentation. After class I had to break it out again to get some graphic design work done before heading out for some AWESOME Greek food at Niko Niko's here in Houston. 

While I was laying out magazine articles for a publication in Michigan, Lisa was painting away.

My mad graphic design skills at their best

Lisa's mad face painting skills at their best

If you are in the Houston area and need an amazing face painter for your next corporate function or birthday party, Lisa's work is outstanding and incredibly creative!

A Pinch of Wonderful is Lisa's website, but I'd say it's more like a big handful!

The finished painting!

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