Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birds on a Wire

This Piece has SOLD


  1. I like this new small work, Elizabeth. And I especially liked the post of your drawings on the board and then the underpainting so we can see your process.

  2. Nice bird, pretty soon we will start to see them around here! I love the colors and the intensity of its eye! Very cool!

  3. I love it, just love it. I feed the birds off my deck and see so many different breads. Your work is inspiring, thank you for sharing it, those of us in the "winter" states can't wait for spring!

  4. PLEASE RECREATE and sell online!!! my curious bird insists that i bring this lovely creation near to dwell with him. this one is the only one that resonates, so i will wait....

  5. please recreate. would like to purchase online or at target!

    1. if you are interested in an original David, email me at: ejnelson@mac.com


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