Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morning Coffee

Kona Coffee, 12x12, mixed media collage
After visiting Kona and seeing how coffee is grown up the mountain and roasted and packaged at the Blue Sky Coffee Company, I was inspired to buy a pound, and make this collage in my hotel room! I struggled with the square composition of this piece, because my initial branch was simply horizontal. I was working from a photo my husband took that was just gorgeous. One morning I studied my Starbucks cup and noticed the line art of the very same coffee bean branches that I was working on, and it struck me! After adding line art and toned back additional branches to compliment my focal branch, it all fell into place!


  1. I love both these new pieces, Elizabeth, not just for the content but they also seem to be a bit of a new direction for you. The line work adds another dimension that I like a lot. I'm so glad you loved Hawaii as I do. We can't get enough of the place. It smells different there, doesn't it? As soon as I land in Honolulu I'm aware of the fragrance of the land. We're going in August and I can hardly wait.

  2. wow- this is beautiful!!! You should submit this piece to the Kona Coffee Art & Cultural Festival. Could be the next button ;-) You are really fantastic! I love your pieces- all of them are so gorgeous. I do mixed media art too. I love the balance of figurative/abstract/texture/color- perfect economy too. *found you on pinterest ;-)

  3. Wow Wildflowr, thank you very much! This piece sold but i do have a good photo of it. How wonderful Hawaii was! I appreciate your compliments.


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