Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Press

Orlando Arts Magazine, May/June Issue
Paper Paintings are featured in OAM this month's issue. It's hot off the press I just got it yesterday at Borders Books (it's FREE, so pick one up for a friend!). I am very happy with the reproduction and the size they printed both Life's Lemons and Mom's Best Key Lime Pie. Celebrate, by Robin Maria Pedrero (my friend, fellow artist and partner in marketing) is featured on the top far left (red sky). Isn't it funky how much her palette of color matches mine???

This editorial feature covers the Celebrating Citrus Show at COMMA Gallery which runs through May.


  1. OMG look at that even the placement of the color is similar. We both have RED at the top, blue, then green and red again.

  2. Looks great! Funny that you mention reproduction quality. I always look at color first, then examine the rest of the image when I look at pictures of my own work.

  3. WOW! Wish I was there to get a copy. The artwork looks fab in the magazine and it IS amazing how good your and Robin's work looks together! You couldn't have made a nicer layout if you had done it on purpose. Just gorgeous. KUDOS to you both!!

  4. what wonderful exposure, and how good is that - matching colour themes. Well done both of you. K.


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