Saturday, March 28, 2009

Creative Inspiration

The Wysteria House
Today, we took the Tour of Homes and Gardens here in Savannah. We visited and toured 7 beautiful homes. For as many things here -- four-hours north of Orlando-- that very much reminded me of growing up in the North, there are also many things that are distinctively of the South. 

This photo of Wisteria vines on the outside of an old victorian mansion overlooking Forsythe Park, is of a flower that I have never seen before! It's just amazingly beautiful and I couldn't help but to think that it would make a nice subject for a small collage. 

Last week we went to Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, and my husband shot many wonderful photos of flowers and tropical plants. He did not mind at all shooting many flowers at my request, which I had hoped would be inspiration for future Paper Paintings. You never know where you will find your motivation.

I am considering botanicals when I finish with my birds...

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