Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stopping to Smell the Roses

Celebrating Spring in Savannah
Creating my small bird collages have been reminding me of how much we looked forward to the arrival of spring in New England. Today my husband and I walked through Forsythe Park and I could not help but to feel very nostalgic when we passed a row of Yoshino Cherry trees in full bloom. Walking around downtown, we saw more cherry trees and azaleas in bloom everywhere we went! 

Flowering trees were always a good indicator that spring had finally arrived, and that warmer weather was in our future! Today, I stopped to smell the "roses" and remember that life is about appreciating the little things.


  1. I have only just discovered your blog - what lovely photographs you have posted. We have cherry blossom now in the UK but will have to wait another month at least for wisteria to bloom. We have one similar to your photo on the front of out house and I just love it. Your collages are so beautiful and are somehow more exciting than paintings.

  2. Thank you Heather! I love to think that my collages are ore interesting than the original photos I use for inspiration were as well. I try to achieve this by pumping up the color and texture to much more than what was in the original photo, with textured and hand painted papers. I lived in London when I was in college, I love the UK!


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