Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nature's Paintbrush

Purple Mangos
16x12, hand painted paper collage on panel
(top: petrified wood, middle: Sedona Red Rocks)

The second in my series of collages from the road. This is a small piece, very portable and utilized many of my scrap box papers! I pushed the envelope of local color on these mangos as I was inspired by nature's vibrant pallete in the landscape I've been experiencing in Arizona. 


  1. I love Purple Mangos, Elizabeth. The light area at bottom left with strips of text is a very effective balance to the riot of colors in the rest of the piece.

  2. Having done this same trip from Texas in the last few years, I'm enjoying your "travelogue" and the way you're working. I'm also looking forward to seeing the completed "Finish Your Vegetables" piece.

  3. Finish Your Vegetables I think I am going to leave unfinished! I have a second version of that which is finished, it was a project where I was documenting "in progress" stages of the piece and so I did two of them at the same time. Now I have one totally finished version and one unfinished version that I will leave that way! Perhaps I should display them togethe

  4. exciting trip and adore the mango colors!


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