Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Call That Art?

"Rip Curl", a Nine-Week / Two-Person Show
Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson and Jim Hannan
Enchanted, 25x25, hand-painted and found paper collage on panel

LoPressionism Gallery presents this Mixed Media Exhibition with a gallery talk entitled "You Call That Art" on August 14 at 2pm. I hope you will join me for a demonstration of my collage technique and an artists talk.

LoPressionism Gallery, 1002 E. New Haven Avenue, Historic Downtown Melbourne, FL, 321-722-6000,


  1. If I were going to be anywhere near Florida, I sure would join you. Watching you would be even more fun than reading your blog!

  2. This is exquisite! I wish I could be there to see you work, too(and to see your work in person).

  3. oh wow Elizabeth!!! this is so beautiful and I love it....trees have always been a favorite for me....congrats on the Exhibition!


  4. This is wonderful, a fairy land where trees have doors and branches are made out of Starbucks shopping bags! Even vacation travel doesn't get in your way, does it?


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