Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Working in a Small Space

Working from the Beach House
12x16, collage of handmade paper on panel

Another example of working from small spaces, this week I am at the Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina with the extended Nelson Family Clan! This is our tenth year at the beach and for the last few years I have been making a point to be making art. This is the piece I am working on right now, I plan to have it finished tomorrow and put it up for bid on the blog unframed. Coconut Palms, if you are interested in buying it via the blog, stay tuned.

Just like working from the RV, the most efficient way to work in this small space was to keep my papers packed in grocery store bags according to color, bring a stick easel, and prepared panels. I have a few more prepared panels with me which are mostly small sizes. Small sizes work well in a small space and they also are completed in less time, making them much less pressure -- this is good for vacation work!


  1. Oh Elizabeth you are spending time away from home at my favorite beach spot. It my be smaller than your studio but how delightful to see the curtains blowing with the ocean breezes flowing through the open window.It may be small but it is delightful. How this wonderful environment must nourish your creative muses!

  2. I am so drawn to your bright palette with its hot colors and deep, rich darks. You are the master recycler of beautiful papers, my friend, and your post about sorting bits by color inspired me to do something similar with a 5 drawer plastic desktop chest. I'll add one shallow box to the top so I'll have 6 color families. But I'm fighting continually to decide if red orange goes into the red box or the orange box.
    Underlying your vacation paintings lies an easily missed concept... before you left home you designed and underpainted a bunch of paper paintings, and that takes lots of pre-planning that most of us don't do. Good job!

  3. I covet the lamp in this picture. Did you paint it?


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