Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Art for Autism

A Good Cause to Create and Donate
A fiber artist who found me online and purchased my "A is for Art" postcard has asked me to donate a Paper Painting to Art for Autism. Leah Cottam's blog shows off her fantastic fabric work. She is offering a giveaway of her own work for the entire month of August if you follow some simple steps and consider donating your own art to this wonderful cause.

Having grown up with a handicapped brother, and worked my summers at day camps for handicapped kids and teenagers, I do have experience with children with Autism. My heart has a special place for this fundraiser and I do hope that you will visit Leah's blog to check our her fantastic fiber work, and consider donating a piece of your art to the auction. 


  1. it is always wonderful to help with your art....I will have to head over later and check it out!!!

  2. Hi! I went to Juxtapose Gallery in Westfield, NJ today to see your work. I loved it! I am not in the position to buy anything, but if I could, I would. It is beautiful! The peacocks are adorably regal,the birds prettier than online, and overall, I was glad that I'd made the trip.
    You aren't kidding when you say that you use all kinds of papers!


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