Monday, August 3, 2009

A Little Something Bakery

A Match Made from Scratch, in Heaven
Celebrations Gallery in Pomfret, CT just informed me that A Little Something Bakery in West Hartford, CT has purchased three of my cupcake collages for their interior d├ęcor! 

Jackie, my artists representative from Celebrations, was convinced that the owner, Beth (shown here in bakery T-shirt), would love my cupcake collages and she was right! Beth purchased all three cupcake collages that Jackie showed her. 

A Little Something Bakery makes all their cookies, cakes and cupcakes from scratch. Sarah (shown here in Newport T-shirt) will attest to that! They also bake muffins, scones and cinnamon rolls. All of this sounds so good, I think I might like to do some sweet small baked goods collages, what do you think?


  1. What a perfect combo... and just think of all the other bakeries all across the country who would love these paintings if they just saw them. And then there are the wine bars who'd buy your wine glasses, and the restaurants that specialize in serving tasty beef. Well, maybe not the restaurants; the customers might fall in love with your cows and not want to think about eating them.

  2. I love your works too. The idea is great!!! I can't wait to see more of yours beautiful collages. Cinnamon rolls..... so delicious
    Right now is lunch time in Australia ;)
    Kind Regards

  3. Lunchtime in Australia, that sounds like a good name for a Paper Painting doesn't it? and so I think I just might do more baked goods. Jo, you are right, who would want to eat those cute cows!!!

  4. yummy cupcakes!! mmmmmm

    Elizabeth i just bought your a is for art postcard,hopefully the paypal thing will go through, i cant remember the last time i used paypal. please let me know if it doesnt. and one of these days i'm going to buy one of your bigger works but i'm waiting until you bring cows back. (just kidding.) (im not kidding - i like the cows, but i like all your other stuff too).

    and i'm thinking about going to your october class in florida.

    also i wanted to ask if you would consider donating a piece of your work to the online auction Art Now For Autism, there are details on my blog and a link, and i'm doing a giveaway.

    hope youre having a great summer!

  5. I love your cupcake collages! They make a wonderful display all grouped together. I'm only a few hours away from A Little Something--looks like it would be worth the road trip : )


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