Monday, August 31, 2009

Working Nocturnally

My Studio by Night
I work many weeknights after my kids go to bed around 9pm. I generally try to be in by 11pm so that I am not overtired in the morning. Even though my studio offers tons of natural light by day, by night I have to rely on daylight bulbs. Although I really enjoy my Saturday and Sunday morning collage sessions, I don't have a problem working nocturnally. I find that at night, things can be more quiet. There are less distractions, the dogs sleep by my feet, and I do get much accomplished in a shorter amount of time. (look close, you can see the dogs in the window!)

Last night I created a nest collage, and I wondered why I had not thought if it before! After all, the nest goes hand in hand with the birds. Anyone who has purchased a small bird collage from me should consider the nest as a companion piece!


  1. And in keeping with your colorful new website you might just have to paint your studio... perhaps a bright orange or even Robin's egg blue. I love this little place of yours, all self contained and just big enough. It must feel so good to walk into this space!

  2. oh, elizabeth, my heart is yearning for a little studio like this! it is just wonderful, especially with the little dogs peeking out the door.


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