Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lunch with a Fiber Artist

Green Apple by Ellen Lindner
Do you believe that this collage is made of fabric? I had lunch with Ellen Lindner in Melbourne, FL last week. Ellen was familiar with my work, even posted me as her "favorite artist" on her website some time back. Ellen was unable to make it to my You Call That Art? talk at LoPressionism Gallery a few weeks ago, so she invited me to meet her when I picked up my work.

Ellen and I shared art techniques and marketing strategies and spent some time comparing and contrasting paper collage to fabric collage. This Green Apple piece she brought to lunch to show me, it's beautiful! She's glued the fabric to a gallery wrapped canvas and varnished it. She uses "directional cutting" (I guess there is no directional "ripping" when it comes to fabric!) to wrap her fabric pieces around the form of the apple, just like I do with the paper. Her shading technique is amazing, considering that she is using existing fabric colors and patterns. What a huge collection of fabric she must have!

Ellen Lindner is also a teacher, you can take classes from her online or in person. Check out her website for more amazing samples of her work, and check out her blog to see what she's up to lately!

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