Monday, September 28, 2009

Fresh Fruit

Mango and Banana

I have a collector who purchased three fruits from me some years back. He recently contacted me and said he "needed more fruits!" I am posting here to show him that his fruits are finished, and I hope that they are to his liking. My style has grown and changed since creating the original fruits and I hope that this new bounty will blend well with the others.

No pressure Jaime! if you don't like them, I'll keep them.... they are "growing on me"


  1. I like both of these a lot - here's to more fruits...and more nests...and more - well, just more of everything in your wonderful style!

  2. i love them if jaime doesn't! hee hee seriously, they are just wonderful!!

  3. Beautiful, wonderful, delicious --- now I know where my fruit is for my Tuesday morning breakfast.

    I read my cupcake poem at a small poetry reading in Cocoa yesterday and explained your artwork as I told them about the inspiration source. When I finished reading several people were drooling and wanted to make cupcakes! I've tweaked the poem a little more and will send it to you later!

  4. ME, can't wait for the cupcake poem! Julie, Guess what? Jaime loves them! RH Thanks for all your support, I love nests. What about donuts? Fruit could be fun, I might consider doing some 8x8 fruits, hoping folks might purchase a few to display together.....


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