Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Very Special Commission

Part Five: Finished!
For Michael | 12x10 | collage on wood panel

Here is the finished piece. This very special commission is of a Blue Bunting, which is a bird that has special meaning to the woman who asked me to create this collage. She asked me to create this Paper Painting for her sister, who had lost her only son, Michael. You can see that I worked his name very subtly into the tree just above the bird where they intersect. If you zoom in on the church, you will also see that the text that creates the white, is about blue birds.

The drippy painted effect at the bottom is from the under-painting -- in the end, I decided that I wanted to let that show through. At the bottom and the very top, there are small areas of wood that are exposed to show the viewer what's underneath, I really like showing the color and the texture of the birch wood panel. Around the tree and it's branches are pencil lines that I have been experimenting with leaving in the finished work.

The DVD overview of the process that I am working on, actually highlights this piece. I have gotten so much positive response about the video that I am considering adding a voice over to it (the first version will simply be set to music for galleries to play in the background) that will in fact make it instructional. The video portion covers the process from start to finish, I just need to describe, in detail, what I am doing along the way. With an added voice over, this video would offer step-by-step instruction on my collage process. I hope to add this to the project and make it available for purchase in the next several weeks!

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  1. Elizabeth --- How tender, sweet and thougthful is this piece. When you complete the video maybe the mother would like to have a copy as doing this piece, it appears, has helped you too. I would think that it would help Michael's Mom to would value an artist's words of what you gained in doing this lovely piece.

    Yes, the birchwood is the essence that blends with the nature of your what you present.


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