Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Generosity of Others

©Aurore Brunet

Aurore took my 2-day workshop in Jacksonville in May. I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with her and her friend Clair on Saturday night. What a nice way to spend an evening with two friends who had come together to the workshop, yet invited me into their circle for dinner.

Since this was a 2-day workshop, the students had homework, which was preparing their own collage papers prior to the class. I must say that Aurore had the most original papers. She told me she painted them with acrylic house paint and spray paint. They were so lovely, and I oogled over them so much that she gave me a sheet. Much of the gold and white in the top of the head and the lower left neck of the Dalmatian are from her wonderful paper.

After posting the Dalmatian, I emailed Aurore and asked her if I could purchase more of her papers from her, they were so very different from anything I created here in my studio! Guess what she said? She said, "Give me your address, I'll send them to you for free."

I am always thankful for the generosity of others in art. People who donate books to me (Jessica Carter), who find frames at garage sales for me, and who share with me their painted paper.

I promised Aurore a glass of wine, at least. Until then, I tip my glass to all the wonderfully generous people who have given me not only collage materials, but titles for my work, inspiration, and advice.

See Aurore's work here
See Clair's work here


  1. Oh my gosh. What beautiful papers!!!
    Can you tell me was Aurore painting on Kinwashi paper? Or what? I know that paper is not cheap. I could use more suggestions of what kinds of paper you are having your students paint on.

    I can't imagine having all those colors of house paint around? Although I could imagine going out and buying a few cans of gold or silver spray paint..that makes sense! That was a wonderful thoughtful gift.

  2. These are amazing collages. Just Brilliant.

  3. Ginny, she was actually painting on butcher paper and wrapping paper, NOTHING fancy. what's beautiful about it are her colors and splatters and layers. the paint is the small testers they sell for $1 at HD !

  4. what a great way to create papers! I have lots of leftover paint from scenery for theater productions. I will have to give it a try.


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