Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kangaroo, Hopping to It!

©St Hilaire Nelson 2010

Another installment in the Carnival of Animals series collages for my music show Exquisite Harmony in September-- this kangaroo had been sketched up for a while but I did not have any really good golden "roo" paper. On Friday afternoon I made myself a batch of yellow golden brown papers, let the dry in the grass and then brought them in to save for later.

My daughter, Emilie, had a dance competition this weekend again in Orlando. We stayed down at the Marriott World Center Saturday and Sunday. I did not have the benefit of a dressing room this time, so working on the go was not an option.

Prior to heading out for the weekend on Friday night, I worked on this guy until 2am! Now let me tell you, a "Dance Mom" on Saturday with four hours sleep has to work extra hard to get up the enthusiasm needed for a national competition! I was dragging, but was very happy to have completed the Kangaroo and to see my daughter in the spot lights!

The poem by Bruce Adolphe that goes along with this musical movement talks about the unusual manner in which the kangaroo reclines... so I am happy with the way his belly is hanging down in the grass.

Once again, I experimented with some mark making on the background with the Derwent Inktense pencils, a Christmas gift from my husband that just keeps on giving...


  1. Oh, you've captured him (or her)perfectly. Never one to worry about that "core," they just let their bellies flop on the ground beside them :) This is wonderful! And I so enjoyed your sharing of Aurora's papers - each one a work of art in itself.

  2. What a sweet fellow! I love the colors. You have a definite mastery over value and form. Good job.

  3. Flopping and Hopping! ha ha. Thanks Jo, I do have a good feeling for value, I treat it like painting.

  4. lovely roo, and you may or not know that you can buy actual roo paper made from roo poo from a woman who has a small papermaking company in Tasmania

  5. How well I remember dance competitions! My younger daughter placed 2nd in a national dance competion in her day! Now my granddaugter is dancing...and so it goes! (and love your roo!)

  6. I am totally amazed at your artwork. So amazing!!


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