Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bolder Media Group

©Doug Nelson Photography

This morning I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer of Bolder Media Group when they came to my house to interview me for a web and public broadcasting TV based human interest story!

Marc Middleton was interested in talking to me about my triathlon experience, and my current training for the October Walt Disney Inaugural Wine and Dine Half Marathon in addition to my current solo exhibition at the Maitland Art Center, Exquisite Harmony.

The team filmed me sending Emilie and Connor off to school, running with my husband, here in my art studio and graphic design office, and down at the Maitland Art Center with my artwork. We had fun joking and talking about living life to the fullest through a variety of experiences and interests.

Growing Bolder is a team of good friends and Emmy Award-Winning TV and radio people who like to tell stories or ordinary people doing extraordinary things. A positive spin on reporting, for a change! I remember Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer on TV here in Orlando, they were on Channel 2 for years and years.

The Growing Bolder TV Show will eventually feature my story, it's available on public television stations across America! Find their Facebook page here

The Growing Bolder Web Channel will feature the video story and I'll be sure to give you a link when it's up and running!

The Marc Middleton Blog talks about the reasons why he left his corporate TV career to pursue his goal of giving a voice to people who are out there enjoying their lives, pursuing their passions, chasing their dreams. Positive stories about positive people!

The folks from Bolder are doing great things, check them out!


  1. Very cool! I listen to their show and you are definitely an example of the interesting people they interview. Many congrats!

  2. cool! how EXCITING for you!!!!

  3. I love it that you are barefoot for your interview! What a wonderful opportunity. Success breeds success.

  4. Way to go --- I too listen to their program on the weekends! You certainly off and running with new opportunities coming along the way.

    Wonder what is next along with a busy workshop schedule!

  5. I am barefoot! LOL it never even occurred to me to put shoes on because that is how I walk around here AND how I work in the studio! They did interview me at the Art Center and I promise you I had my blue John Fluevogs on for that!


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