Monday, September 27, 2010

National Collage Society 26th Annual Juried Show

©St. Hilaire Nelson
Poised Peacock #1 and Song of Sunrise #2
24x20 collage of hand painted paper on panel

I am thrilled to let you know that I have been notified by the National Collage Society that the jury has selected BOTH of my pieces for the Annual Juried Exhibit! This is exceptional because I have not been accepted into the show for the past two years, and was accepted three years ago.

This year the show will be an online exhibition with an online catalogue. As soon as they get it up and running I will share the links with you.

Jurors include Matthew Kolodjiej, Associate Professor of Art at the Myers School of Art, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio and Ellen Rudolph, MA Art History, Case Western Reserve university, Curator of Exhibitions, Akron Art Museum, Akron, OH

Thank you for sharing in my excitement!


  1. Congratulation on receiving this honor... due to your hard work and dedication to your art. You deserve it!

  2. Hey, Elizabeth! What great news about the NCS acceptances. And they are not about that! Good for you!

  3. Elizabeth, you are right! They are not abstract. This was something I had felt was preventing my acceptance to the group show in previous years. I did also win an award at the NCS Postcard Show this year, with an abstract. I did not collage it as abstract, however... I cropped into a small area of an existing piece!

    Jo, thank you so much! I do keep plugging away at it!

  4. Congratulations! Not sure what was wrong with the judges the past 2 years when you didn't get in - perhaps some new glasses for them are in order? Don't they know YOU ROCK??

  5. Major congrats! I cannot imagine why you were not selected in the past. Just goes to show you how subjective judging/jurying is.

  6. Thanks you guys! I think that in the past, the judges were very abstract oriented. Who knows. Just happy! Thanks for sharing it with me.

  7. I just found out about your art on a local TV show, and then tonight on Pinterest I randomly found a painting that looked like your style, so I followed that to a website, and then on google, and then to your blog. HA...the Internet sure is amazing.

  8. FZ, the internet is SURE amazing. WELCOME!! did you see me in Upstate NY? I am teaching in Penn Yan this summer if you are interested. Thank you for commenting!


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