Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mall Rats

When I was a kid, I loved going to the mall, hanging out with my friends. Now my daughter wants to do the same. Since they are pre-teens, I'm no comfortable letting them roam the mall totally alone, so I often chaperone my daughter and her friends. I drive them, I am in the mall, and we are in cell phone texting contact, but I can't be close enough to be seen. This means, once inside the doors, she says "bye!" to me and I'm on my own.

This weekend I'm working toward a show in Jacksonville, FL called "Ten Good Women/8th Annual
Art Invitational." I plan on shipping this work, so my plan is to work small and all in the same size (for stacking and packing purposes). Working small like I have in the past in the dance competition dressing room, is a good way for me to multi task my art.

Here i am in the food court, while the girls are roaming Hot Topic and Spencer's.... brought a stack of 10x12 pre cut panel (thanks to my husband) a set of sketching pencils and erasers, and some reference photos.


  1. I remember time goes fast! my kids are now in their 30's and I used to do the exact same thing! My then-husband and I would shop and eat while the girls 'hung out'...we would meet them every 1/2 hour (pre-cell phones!)at the food court to check in.

    Funny thing- my kids HATED that we insisted that we be there at the, as adults...they THANK US for being keep doing what you are doing!!

  2. What lovely words of support from your friend and what amazing ingenuity do you again show Elizabeth.

    Where is your studio -- do you respond wherever whenever? Keep on keeping on -- I admire how you integrate your creative life with the life and needs of your family.!

  3. Elizabeth, yes it all happens so fast doesn't it? They get so big so quickly. At this point I think she feels better knowing I am there. We all sat at ate frozen yogurt together at the table when they were done shopping. It is a good way to be supportive, spend time, and still get dome things done that I needed to.

    Mary, my studio is in my backyard, a freestanding building on a path from the back door of the kitchen. This way I can run out there and apply a coat of varnish between loads of laundry, and paint after dinner or on early Saturday mornings when everyone else is sleeping.


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