Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cherie's Book

sample book page ©St.Hilaire Nelson

The book is coming along great! I'm extending the deadline for submissions to December 8, Wednesday. To be included in this book, with all funds going to the family, this is what you need to submit

high resolution photo of your artwork (image 5-8MB)
medium and dimensions 
your city and state
your contact information
a blurb of text (optional)

Please email me by Friday! The book will be available on blurb.com and all proceeds will go to Cherie's family. For anyone new to this conversation, Cherie is a 42-year old woman who was paralyzed in an auto accident on September 30. She has no insurance and her brother and sister have committed to her care and safe keeping. They have to modify her sister's home to accommodate a wheelchair and other adaptive equipment. Cherie is paralyzed from the shoulders down. Please help this family in need by sharing a photo of your artwork and buying a copy of the book.

Now, any suggestions for a title? My working title is Art with Heart.


  1. I am not sure if you will post this, and I am fine if you dont. I just want to know if Cherie was on the Second Life game... On that game, I knew her as Milla, and I had commissioned skin and shape from her this past summer. In my blog, I mention her indirectly (http://realtravels.blogspot.com/2010/11/arpes.html). Whether or not Cherie is Milla, I wish Cherie the best!
    ~Sophia (aka My Georgia)

  2. Sophia, yes, Cherie is one in the same. I am glad you found me. She has been severely injured and is paralyzed from the shoulders down. She would love to hear from you in writing:

    Cherie Stannard
    c/o Shepherd Center
    2020 Peachtree Rd NW
    Atlanta, GA 30309


thank you for taking the time to read and comment! :)